Breakdown experience

Just south of the M25, with a young child, a full car and still a way to go to Warwickshire the turbo blew. The car was nursed back as far as it could make it before there was the risk of more costly repair and I pulled over to get help.

So, the decision to cancel breakdown cover was based purely on the fact that up until now motoring had been relatively incident free. Welcome to Sod’s law, Murphy’s law and the law of averages, today it was my turn. The car needed transporting back to Romans for repair. I called the RAC as I had taken cover with them previously and explained the situation. There would be an additional charge for the recovery based on joining roadside but by comparison it was reasonable knowing the costs involved from other companies. The actual membership in my opinion was good value for money and now, peace of mind. The ‘phone operator was friendly, efficient and clear and within 10 minutes I was in the system. Unfortunately even as a priority with a small child it was estimated someone would be with me within 3 hours. Fortunately I had made it to a petrol station. In reality the wait was only for one hour, the recovery was easy and we were on our way to Romans.

After this experience I can say that I would recommend RAC recovery.