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Breakdown experience

Just south of the M25, with a young child, a full car and still a way to go to Warwickshire the turbo blew. The car was nursed back as far as it could make it before there was the risk of more costly repair and I pulled over to get help. So, the decision to cancel breakdown cover… Read more »

Waiting for a parcel?

We can turn our hand to anything here at Roman Motors. If you’re waiting for a parcel we are working quickly to get this FED-EX van back on the road. Somewhat of a bigger vehicle than we are used to having in the garage but the benefit of having years of experience is that problems… Read more »

Welcome to our new website.

As Stratford’s leading independent MOT, service, tyre and repair garage we thought we should have a website to reflect our commitment to keeping your motoring costs down. We teamed up with Leamington based creatives at Chemicalcode to bring you a site  full of motoring offers, information, tips and an easy way of contacting us. It… Read more »