Filled up with the wrong fuel?

Stop – what to do first? Do not turn on the engine.
Occasionally you won’t realise you put the wrong fuel in your car until your engine suddenly begins to lose power. If that’s the case all you can do is call for breakdown assistance or a tow to your local garage. However, if you realise that you have used the wrong fuel before you’ve turned the engine on then you’re in luck and could possibly save yourself time and money. this is because the moment you turn the engine on the fuel is drawn up in to the system causing further damage to engine. if your car normally runs on diesel the fuel pump will ordinarily be lubricated by the diesel in order for it to run smoothly, however the petrol will act as a solvent removing the lubrication and causing the metal parts to grate against each other. If you put diesel into a petrol engine the potential damage is not as severe but it will still cause your engine to smoke a bit and run badly so it’s best to get the diesel out as soon as possible. By not turning the engine on you can save yourself plenty of inconvenience and make the repair more simple.
Although it is normally best to drain out all of the fuel from your tank when you use the wrong fuel pump, if you realise your mistake while you are still pumping you may be able to get away with not calling for help. when you realise you’ve used the wrong fuel see how much you have pumped in. If it is less than 10% of the tank capacity (though we would say £5-£8 worth) you should be able to top up with the correct fuel and drive away. However, if you are unsure then always air on the safe side and get the whole tank drained.
Last but not least you’ll need to call for breakdown assistance. Road side repairs may be possible but generally your vehicle will need to be taken to a garage. Mis-fuelling is not uncommon but if it does happen to you, stay calm and remember to keep your engine switched off and give us a call.