Spring Driving

If you’re one for the occasional drive in car wash (and Stratford has a few now!) try doing it yourself. Not for any other reason than to take the opportunity to check your car over after the winter. The roads around Warwickshire can be harsh. This also allows you to make sure in the warmer weather the interior of the car is fully dry. The inside of the car could have remained damp all through winter while the underside is likely to be caked in salt laden mud which will cause corrosion if left. Wet patches inside could be a sign of a failed seal or worse, corrosion. Take out any loose mats and give them a vacuum or even better if you have use of a Vax or similar treat them to a clean. Looking after the interior of your car will effect it’s resale value and make time spent driving more enjoyable. Use a shampoo on the exterior of the car working from the top down. Ensure you give it a good rinse before drying. For extra bodywork protection use a polish, this will help keep your paintwork and the appearance of your car in top condition.

The underside of the car takes the worst of the winter weather. Mud soaks-up salt laden spray and, if left, will cause corrosion over time. Hose down the entire underside of the car, paying particular attention to the front and rear wheel arch areas. When dry check for signs of damage to the underbody sealing compound. DIY products are available if you know what you’re doing otherwise it’s best to get a garage to attend to any damage. The terms of any long-term anti-corrosion warranty might specify how such repairs should be carried out. Also any serious problems may be picked up during an MOT which can lead to a failure.

Before the start of any long journey and ideally every week Romans suggest that you check the engine oil level, radiator coolant level, windscreen washer level and tyre pressures, including the spare. The vehicle handbook should show you clearly how to do all of these. If you are not confident doing this then visit us at the garage, we can do this for you and it can often prevent any issues later on your drive.

Ten minutes or so spent carrying out basic checks could make sure you reach your destination as planned and not delayed because of a breakdown.